WIRAB Members

WIRAB’s membership is composed of member representatives from Western States and Canadian Provinces with territory in the Western Interconnection, including the State of Baja Norte in Mexico.



State/Province Name Title/Agency
Alberta Andrew Buffin Executive Director, Generation, Transmission and Markets Policy, Alberta Energy
Arizona Bob Burns Chair, Arizona Corporation Commission
British Columbia Les MacLaren Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources
California Janea Scott Commissioner, California Energy Commission
Colorado Frances Koncilja Commissioner, Colorado Public Utilities Commission
Idaho Kristine Raper Commissioner, Idaho Public Utilities Commission
Mexico Marcos Valenzuela Comision Federal de Electricidad
Montana Jeff Blend Economist, Montana Dept of Environmental Quality
Nebraska Tim Texel Executive Director, Nebraska Power Review Board
Nevada David Bobzien Director, Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy
New Mexico Stephen Fischmann Commissioner, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
Oregon Megan Decker Chair, Oregon Public Utility Commission
South Dakota Greg Rislov Commission Advisor, South Dakota Public Service Commission
Utah Jordan White Commissioner, Utah Public Service Commission
Washington Elizabeth Osborne Senior Energy Policy Analyst, Washington State Energy Office
Wyoming Kara Fornstrom Chair, Wyoming Public Service Commission