Variable Energy Resources

This checklist addresses four common issues around VER integration:

      1. My utility is proposing a new gas plant to integrate VER. Is it needed? See Gas Plant proposal page.

          2. My utility is concerned that additional VER will impact reliability and stability of the grid. What can we do? See the Reliability and Stability page(s).

              3. My utility has a duck curve problem. How can we solve this? See the Duck Curve page.

                  4. Should my utility change their operations (like joining an EIM, faster commitment or faster dispatch) to integrate VER? See the Utility Operations page.

                    Click on the relevant issue, follow section links as appropriate, and ask the necessary questions to allow you to hone in on the specific utility issues and potential mitigation options. This checklist is an aid to public utility commissions and state energy offices who are engaging their utility on VER integration issues. The checklist is targeted towards staff who are familiar with utility issues but may not have a background in power engineering. Pertinent results from the latest research and analyses are included in this website.