RETI 2.0 Western Outreach Project

The Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (RETI) 2.0 Western Outreach Project was conducted by the Western Interstate Energy Board at the request of the California Natural Resources Agency. The purpose of the project was to gather stakeholder input from across the Western Interconnection regarding the availability of renewable energy and electric transmission that could contribute to meeting California’s renewable energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) objectives by 2030.

The project developed a series of high-level focus questions for stakeholder review and input [pdf]. Stakeholders, including state or federal agencies and regulators, tribal governments, public and private utilities, transmission system operators, generation developers, transmission developers, and members of the consumer and environmental advocacy communities were invited and encouraged to provide comment on the focus questions. The comments were compiled, reviewed by WIEB staff and consultants, and incorporated into a final report that identifies common themes and conclusions.

The project featured two in-person workshops:

1. A Northwest-focused workshop in Portland, Oregon on August 12, 2016 [pdf]

2. A Southwest-focused workshop in Las Vegas on September 1, 2016 [pdf]

The project culminated in a final report prepared by Energy Strategies, LLC:

  • RETI 2.0 Western Outreach Project Final Report [pdf]