Interconnection Updates

February 2019 update on Enhanced Solar PV Deployment project. In February, NREL published the second of two joint NREL/WIEB report related to the interconnection barrier, “New Approaches to Distributed PV Interconnection: Implementation Considerations for Addressing Emerging Issues.”

 January 2019 update on Enhanced Solar PV Deployment project. January 23-24, Richard McAllister (WIEB) presented at an EUCI conference in Phoenix, Arizona, entitled “Optimizing the Interconnection Process for Renewables & Storage” (conference overview and agenda). Richard presented findings from research on emerging issues and implementation considerations and also participated in a panel discussion on opportunities to improve the interconnection process.

 December 2018 update on Enhanced Solar PV Deployment project. WIEB conducted outreach for the interconnection project in five states in 2018: California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. In 2019, WIEB also plans to visit Arizona, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington to present interconnection research findings.

May 2018 update Enhanced Solar PV Deployment project. The first Strategy Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting for the interconnection barrier was held on May 1 at the WECC offices in Salt Lake City, Utah. The SAC is comprised of representatives from each western state, as well as non-state subject matter experts. During the meeting, WIEB and National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) staff will present research findings related to the interconnection barrier. Additionally, WIEB staff will work with SAC members to start planning in-person visits to each state for outreach.

The SAC meeting was held in conjunction with a Distribution System Planning Training for Western States on May 2 and 3. The training was jointly hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), and WIEB. The agenda and presentation slides can be found here.

April 2018 update on Enhanced Solar PV Deployment project. In April, NREL published the first of two reports related to the interconnection barrier, “Review of Interconnection Practices and Costs in the Western States.” Link to report.

March 2018 update on Enhanced Solar PV Deployment project. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO; formerly known as the SunShot Initiative) had its annual portfolio review in Washington D.C. on February 12-13, 2018. Both days started with general sessions involving all ~500 attendees. In late morning and early afternoon sessions, attendees moved into their project areas – concentrating solar power, photovoltaics, systems integration, and soft costs and technology-to-market – for area-specific presentations. The WIEB/NREL/LBNL project was assigned to the soft costs/technology-to-market area. Late afternoon sessions involved poster presentations of work done on projects funded by SETO in 2017. There were ~300 posters in the exhibition hall.

WIEB staff working on the SETO-funded project, including David Manning and Richard McAllister, attended the portfolio review and presented 2017 findings from the interconnection portion of the project. Click here to access the poster presenting interconnection-related findings. For a summary of David’s and Richard’s notes from the portfolio review, click here. The accompanying picture shows David Manning presenting the poster to one of the portfolio reviewers.

November 2017 update on Enhanced Solar PV Deployment project. All three Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) for this Department of Energy SunShot-funded project have met on several occasions in 2017, Year 1 of the project. The TAC advising the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) on the general barrier of interconnection of distributed solar PV generation with the grid has met twice, with the second meeting including a presentation by NREL on its research plan. The TAC advising NREL on the general barrier of potential reliability concerns associated with deployment of distributed solar PV generation has met three times, with NREL presenting its research plan for this barrier during the third meeting of the reliability TAC. NREL and WIEB are now conducting research concerning the barriers of interconnection concerns and potential reliability concerns.

In addition, the TACs for interconnection concerns and potential reliability concerns had a two-day workshop at the California ISO on October 26-27. On October 26, a series of speakers made interconnection-related presentations. On October 27, presentations were reliability-related. A tour of the ISO Control Room was also provided by Clyde Loutan, Principal, Renewable Energy Integration at the ISO and a member of the Reliability TAC. Summaries of the presentations can be accessed here.


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