Distributed Energy Resources

  1. How are utility distribution system planning and operations changing? See Technology, Policy and Integration page.
  2. Why are utilities concerned about distributed energy resources? See DER Penetration and Utility Revenue page.
  3. Who are the new stakeholders in distribution system planning and DER management? See New Stakeholders page.
  4. Are regulatory interests aligned with those of utilities and stakeholders? See Regulators and Utility Executives page.
  5. What are “smart” DER capabilities and what are their benefits? See Smart Inverters page.
  6. What can regulators do to minimize the risk of utilities investing in technologies that may become obsolete? See Technology Obsolescence page.
  7. What can be learned from California’s Smart Inverter Working Group process? See Smart Inverter Working Group page.
  8. What can regulators do to incent improved DER deployment? See Enhanced DER Deployment page.

Click on the relevant issue, follow section links as appropriate, and ask the necessary questions to allow you to home in on the specific utility issues and potential mitigation options (where available). Links to references and a glossary of terms are provided.

This checklist is an aid to public utility commissions and state energy offices who are engaging their utilities on DER issues. The checklist is targeted towards staff who are familiar with DER issues, but may not have a background in power engineering. Pertinent results from the latest research and analyses are included in this website.