September 8, 2011 Outage


The September 8, 2011 Pacific Southwest Outage was the most significant outage in the Western Interconnection since 1996 (and the most significant outage in North America since 2003). An outage investigation conducted by FERC and NERC led to a joint outage report that indicated significant shortcomings in the operating practices of industry and WECC.

In response to the findings from the FERC/NERC report, WECC created an Outage Response website.

The website includes a Progress Dashboard in order to track its responses to specific FERC/NERC recommendations.

Each BA is responsible for balancing loads and resources within their respective boundaries. Such an organizational structure often presents challenges to reliability, particularly when integrating large amounts of variable generation.

NERC is the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) for North America. One of its primary responsibilities is creating mandatory and enforceable reliability standards that establish appropriate limits for operating the electric grid reliably. Violations of these standards are processed by FERC, the entity responsible for levying fines to those Registered Entities that violate the standards.