Peak Reliability


Peak Reliability (Peak) is a non-profit corporate entity formed in 2014 to assume the role of a Reliability Coordinator in the Western Interconnection.  Peak currently serves as the Reliability Coordinator for most of the Western Interconnection, except for Alberta.

As a reliability coordinator, Peak is the entity with the highest level of authority responsible for the reliable operation of the bulk electric system over its footprint. Peak must have the operating tools and processes necessary to observe grid operations across its footprint. This is referred to as having a wide area view.  Peak coordinates with electric utilities and transmission operators to ensure the bulk electric system is operated within specified limits and that system conditions are stable across the area. Peak has authority to prevent or mitigate emergency operating situations and give orders to local utilities to take corrective action. Peak has also developed operational tools and services for its members.

Peak has reliability coordination operating centers in Vancouver, Washington and Loveland, Colorado.  These centers have monitoring screens and tools to enable operators to have wide area view across the bulk electric grid and potentially back up the other facility if one center became disabled.  Peak’s corporate offices are in Vancouver, Washington.  Peak is funded through its 123 members.