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FERC Qualitative Analysis

FERC Qualitative Analysis

OSM Proposes To Limit Liability

OSM proposes to limit liability for Certified States and Tribes to reclaim non-coal mine sites

SPSC filed its 2013 Study Requests with WECC on Jan 31, 2013

2013 Study Requests to WECC Status on SPSC’s 2012 and 2011 Study Requests

Advice to NERC on 215 funding criteria

2013 Proposed Budget

Request for Proposals

Response to written RFP inquiries dated December 24, 2012 [pdf

CREPC/WIRAB Webinar on WECC’s 2012 PSA

The Committee on Regional Electric Power Cooperation (CREPC) and the Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Body (WIRAB) hosted a joint webinar exploring 
WECC’s 2012 Power Supply Assessment (PSA). [slides] [recording]

OREGON 10-year Energy Action Plan

On December 17, 2012, Governor Kitzhaber released a 10-Year Energy Action Plan that protects Oregon consumers and ensures energy investments made today will strengthen the economy…more

WREZ 3 – Transmission and Renewable Energy Planning in California

Western states and provinces are working to develop their abundant renewable energy resources

SPSC Webinar

State-Provincial Steering Committee (SPSC) 20-Year Low Carbon Study Request to WECC [slides] [recording]