WIRAB Advice to the NERC Board of Trustees on the 2017 ERO Reliability Risk Priorities Report

January 24, 2018

WIRAB submitted advice to the NERC Board of Trustees on the 2017 ERO Reliability Risk Priorities Report. The comments commend the Reliability Issues Steering Committee for developing an important and comprehensive report with many specific recommendations. The comments also recommend that the Board of Trustees focus on a small set of specific recommendations that the ERO Enterprise can act on in the “near-term” time frame to prioritize and track actionable progress on efforts to mitigate the potential risks. WIRAB also identifies specific recommendations that NERC and the ERO Enterprise can focus on that have the potential to provide targeted focus for the ERO in key risk areas. WIRAB identified six recommendations that are: (1) recommendations directed to the ERO Enterprise; (2) “near-term” recommendations that are achievable in the next two-year timeframe; (3) recommendations for mitigating “high” priority risks; and (4) recommendations that are important across the ERO and of particular importance in the Western Interconnection.