Draft Roadmap for Policy Makers: Options for Addressing Emerging Energy Issues in the West

The draft Roadmap for Policy Makers: Options for Addressing Emerging Energy Issues in the West [pdf] is released for comment along with the technical briefing papers that is summarizes. All documents are available on the Idaho-WIEB State Energy Planning project webpage:

[Documents Webpage]

WIEB staff will present highlights of the Roadmap and provide an opportunity for feedback at the Fall CREPC-WIRAB meeting in San Diego on November 2, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. PAC. There will also be a webinar later in November to provide an additional opportunity for feedback. The comment period for all of the documents (Roadmap and technical briefs) will remain open until November 29, 2016. Send comments to: aginocchio@westernenergyboard.org. The draft Roadmap is the result of the Idaho-WIEB Multi-State Collaboration on Energy Planning project which began in 2015. Through a stakeholder process four issues were identified on which to focus the work of this project: (1) clean energy future; (2) renewable resources and system flexibility; (3) coal plant retirements and power system reliability; and (4) state distributed energy resource (DER) standards. Within each of these issues one or more challenge was explored in technical briefs. The Roadmap is an executive summary of the technical briefs with an emphasis on options policy makers could take to address the challenges explored. The target audience is State policy makers and regulators. This is a two year effort (2015-2016) led by the State of Idaho and supported by funding from The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The goal of this project is to: foster regional and state energy planning in the West; identify opportunities for multi-state or region-wide collaborations to address emerging energy issues; and develop a road map that identifies options for policy makers to advance solutions to selected challenges presented by the emerging issues.