Webinar: Coordinating Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Response (DR) Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) Among Western States

The Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Electricity Markets and Policy Group jointly hosted a webinar on September 20, 2016 designed to support states considering and implementing EM&V activities to document energy and demand savings and other impacts of demand-side programs.  Information presented included options for multistate collaboration on EM&V and the strategies for building collaboration, such as an informational clearinghouse.  Following presentations, speakers answered questions from the audience.

Research by LBNL and input from WIEB staff and representative state agency personnel indicate that EM&V coordination among Western states could:

  • Facilitate and improve the quality of EM&V;
  • Facilitate interstate (and intrastate) benchmarking, disclosure, and tracking of EE and DR;
  • Support trading of savings credits if used for pollution reduction programs or regulations; and
  • Reduce EM&V development and implementation costs.

Speakers discussed the opportunities and benefits of regional coordination from a variety of perspectives for supporting energy efficiency, demand response and pollution reduction programs.  Possible next steps were also discussed including how state representatives could participate in this coordination effort.


  • LBNL: Lisa Schwartz and Steve Schiller
  • State and Regional Organization Representatives: Deborah Reynolds, WA UTC; Stacey Donohue, ID PUC; Kamran Khan AZ DEQ; John Goodin CA ISO; and Tina Jayaweera, Northwest Power and Conservation Council Regional Technical Forum
  • WIEB: Alaine Ginocchio

Resources:  Presentation slide deck | Webinar recording | Discussion Paper