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2016 Draft WIRAB Business Plan and Budget

WIRAB staff has submitted a first draft of the WIRAB 2016 budget to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). The WIRAB budget is part of the overall funding process for NERC; which also includes the budgets for WECC and Peak Reliability. NERC submits the entire budget for the regional entities to FERC for approval. […]

SPSC Webinar on the Modular Approach to Multi-state Compliance with 111(d) in the West

The Cadmus group presented, via webinar, results of their work on SPSC’s Modular Approach to 111(d) Compliance in the West: April 30, 2015 at 9:00-10:30 a.m. (Pac) / 10:00-11:30 a.m. (Mtn). The purpose of the project is to explore compliance options to EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan Rule. One option is for states to develop […]

Final report released by GE

April 2015 – GE – Roadmap to improve reliability analysis in transmission planning in the changing resource mix.

Final report released by ICF

April 2015 – ICF – Western Planning Regions and Transmission Planning Coordination


San Diego, CA | April 6-8 2015  Joint CREPC-SPSC-WIRAB agenda | meeting summary | attendance


San Diego, CA | April 6-8 2015  Joint CREPC-SPSC-WIRAB agenda | meeting summary | attendance

ID-WIEB: Multistate Western Collaboration on Energy Planning

On April 1, 2015 ID OER and WIEB conducted a preview webinar to review the draft White Paper on Regional Challenges and goals for the project and obtain feedback from stakeholders. The project work plan, goals and priorities will be reviewed and discussed at the SPSC/CREPC/WIRAB meetings in San Diego on April 7. Presentation Slides […]

SPSC-WIRAB Webinar Series #3: Dynamic Adaptable Transfer Capability (DATC)

March 19, 2015| Dynamic Adaptable Transfer Capability (DATC) | [presentation] | This two-hour webinar will explain a proposed new path transfer methodology that could increase transfer capacities on the existing transmission system while maintaining reliability. Such a methodology could save tens of millions of dollars by lowering system-wide production costs and help integrate the variable […]

SPSC-WIRAB Webinar Series #2: Grid Management Technologies

March 12, 2015 | Grid Management Technologies | [presentation] | During the last several years more than $100 million has been invested in the West in the deployment of synchrophasor technology. Additional investments have been made in smart grid control devices. During this webinar, GridSME will explain how data from synchrophasors and grid control devices […]

SPSC-WIRAB Webinar Series #1: Grid Transfer Capability Planning and Needs

Current Grid Transfer Capability Planning and Needs – March 5, 2015 | [presentation] | This webinar was coordinated with GridSME, a consultant to the SPSC and WIRAB. The purpose involved reviewing the current process for determining transmission transfer capabilities and identifying the drivers to develop a more dynamic methodology that can make better use of […]