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Special WIEB Board Meeting | Teleconference | August 28, 2015


2015 WIEB Annual Board Meeting | Boise, Idaho | June 17-18, 2015

Agenda | Minutes

2016 Second Draft WIRAB Business Plan and Budget version 1.5

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Final report released by E3

April 2015 – E3 – Western Interconnection Flexibility Assessment: Interim Project Report Energy and Environmental Economics (E3) completed the Interim Project Report of the Western Interconnection Flexibility Assessment. This is a collaborative project among WECC, WIEB, NREL and E3 to investigate the operational challenges of increasing levels of variable generation in the Western Interconnection and […]

Final report released by GridSME and Quanta

April 2015 – Development of a New Methodology for Determining the Transfer Capability of the Western Grid | GridSME (Introduction) | Quanta (Technical Report)

Final report released by MJ Bradley

April 2015 – MJ Bradley – Methane Emissions in the Natural Gas Life Cycle This report concerns the issue of methane leakage during the life cycle of natural gas-fired power generation. Methane leakage is an important issue because methane is a greenhouse gas (GHG) of much greater global warming potential than carbon dioxide (as much […]

Final report released by EQL

April 2015 – EQL – Emerging Changes in Electric Distribution Systems in Western States Provinces Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are, and will continue to be, a growing component of WECC resources. Historically, new facility investment in distribution systems has been for load growth; more recently, investment in distribution systems has expanded to include DER (on […]

Final report released by Energy Strategies

May 2015 – Energy Strategies – EPA Clean Power Plan final report: Western State Resource Scenarios Energy Strategies produced a report that documents the assumptions in four planning scenarios developed in consultation with an SPSC modeling work group. These scenarios illustrate future state-level resource mixes that could result from strategies that state may employ to […]

WIRAB Final Comments on Peak 2016 Budget

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WIRAB Final Comments on WECC 2016 Budget

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