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Joint WIRAB-CREPC Meeting

San Diego, CA | October 28-30 2015 Agenda | meeting minutes | attendance


San Diego, CA | October 28-30 2015 Agenda | meeting minutes | attendance

EIM Body of State Regulators Meeting

San Diego, CA | October 28 2015 | 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM Agenda | Presentation  

WIRAB Comments on the Draft Report from WECC’s Section 4.9 Review Work Group

WIRAB submitted comments on the Draft Report to the WECC Board of Directors on the Section 4.9 Review drafted by the Section 4.9 Review Work Group. Section 4.9 of the WECC Bylaws requires the WECC Board of Directors, every five years, to conduct a review of the governance and structure of WECC to ensure that […]

EIM-BOSR Meeting | October 28, 2015

The Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Body of State Regulators (BOSR) met on October 28, 2015. Agenda

WIRAB Staff, WGA, NRDC, and WGG Comments and Alternative Proposal for Peak Reliability’s Draft Universal Data Sharing Agreement

WIRAB staff in collaboration with Western Resource Advocates, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Western Grid Group submitted comments to Peak Reliability on its Draft Universal data Sharing Agreement outlining an alternative proposal to the data sharing review process and evaluation criteria as currently proposed. The goal of the alternative proposal is to simplify the data […]

Control Performance Standard BAL-001-2

July 13, 2015 | Control Performance Standard BAL-001-2 | [presentation] | NERC’s new reliability control standard, BAL-001-2, became effective June 21, 2015. The purpose of this reliability standard is to maintain interconnection frequency within predefined frequency limits. Balancing Authorities in the Western Interconnection have been field testing BAL-001-2 since March 2010. We discussed results of […]

WIRAB Final Comments on proposed Interregional Transmission Planning Coordination Procedures

WIRAB/SPSC have submitted comments to the Western Planning Region Group (California ISO, ColumbiaGrid, Northern Tier, and WestConnect) on its proposed Interregional Transmission Planning Coordination (ITPC) Procedures. The comments go beyond recommending improvements to the proposed ITPC Procedures and make specific recommendations regarding the future role of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) in developing interconnection-wide […]

Grid Authority and Performance

July 6, 2015 | Grid Authority and Performance | [presentation] | This webinar covered the history and evolution of NERC’s authority and explained how reliability standards are developed and enforced. It also described the roles and responsibilities of Balancing Authorities, Transmission Operators, Generation Operators and Reliability Coordinators. The discussion included the history of NERC’s Control […]

SPSC webinar on using Performance Incentive Mechanisms for Attaining Environmental Goals

Synapse Vice President, Tim Woolf and Nancy Lange, Commissioner of the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission made a presentation via webinar on the use of PIMs to improve utility performance. Ron Lehr, a Director at Western Grid Group, served as moderator of the webinar. After a brief presentation Commissioner Lange posed questions concerning how regulators can […]