Webinar on E3 study of 50% California RPS

The E3 study evaluated the operational challenges, potential solutions, and cost consequences of a higher Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in California by 2030.  Equally important, the study layed out a useful roadmap of needed research on measures to address these challenges, such as increased regional coordination, a more diverse portfolio of renewable resources, and other technical solutions (e.g. storage, upwardly-flexible loads).  The study benefited from technical input from the CAISO as well as independent review from a distinguished four-member advisory panel.  The information in the E3 study will also be instructive in WECC’s execution of the proposed SPSC/WIRAB request to study the reliability impacts of high levels of renewables.

Webinar on E3 study of 50% California RPS February 12, 2014 Slides Recording