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Webinar on NREL’s Western Wind and Solar Integration Study Phase 2

This study examined high penetrations of variable generation in the Western Interconnection to address the following questions: (1) Does increased cycling of the thermal plants significantly increase emissions?; (2) Does increased cycling significantly increase the wear-and-tear costs of thermal generators?; and (3) How do the variability impacts of wind compare with the variability impacts of […]

Review and Comment Period for Draft Scenarios and Contingencies

SPSC’s Western Natural Gas – Electric Infrastructure and System Flexibility Study is underway. We are in Phase 1 of the project (see Study scope of work). The study is being conducted by a consulting team consisting of Energy and Environmental Economics (E3) and DNV GL (formerly GL Noble Denton), and supervised by a Technical Advisory […]

Fall 2013 HLRW Meeting

San Diego, California | October 15, 2013 Agenda | Summary | Attendance

WREZ Generation and Transmission Model Update 3.0

The Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB) is pleased to announce the release of the Western Renewable Energy Zone (WREZ) Generation and Transmission Model (WREZ Model) update. The WREZ Model is a spreadsheet tool that allows the user to create portfolios of generation resources in WREZ hubs, select transmission routes, and calculate the delivered cost of […]

Next PUC EIM Meeting Fall 2013

Next PUC EIM Meeting Fall 2013

High-Level Radioactive Waste Meeting

San Diego, California October 15, 2013 agenda attendance

Staff presentation to WECC Board

WECC September 19-20 Board meeting on WIRAB, CREPC, SPSC activities

Peak Reliability interim board committee presentation

WIRAB comments on WECC Data Sharing Policy