Webinar on Variable Generation Forecasting

On December 18th 2013 SPSC sponsored a webinar about the results of a recent survey on the wind and solar generation forecasting practices of 13 balancing authorities in the Western Interconnection. Rebecca Widiss and Kevin Porter of Exeter Associates talked about the type and scope of wind and solar generation forecasts including distributed solar forecasts, the primary uses of forecasts, the accuracy and costs of forecasts, integration of forecasts in control rooms, system operator training, and lessons learned so far. The webinar also highlighted trends and major changes since the NREL/Exeter April 2012 report: “Survey of Variable Generation Forecasting in the West.” The survey results will be published in an upcoming NREL publication. Please feel free to contact rjohnson@westgov.org if you would like additional information.

SPSC Webinar on Variable Generation Forecasting December 18, 2013 Slides Recording