Review and Comment Period for Draft Scenarios and Contingencies

SPSC’s Western Natural Gas – Electric Infrastructure and System Flexibility Study is underway. We are in Phase 1 of the project (see Study scope of work). The study is being conducted by a consulting team consisting of Energy and Environmental Economics (E3) and DNV GL (formerly GL Noble Denton), and supervised by a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) consisting of Western electric and natural gas utilities, natural gas pipeline companies, and state officials.

For the last 6 weeks, the study team (E3, GL and the TAG) has been meeting regularly and has developed a preliminary set of scenarios and contingencies which will be analyzed in the study. The following link is to the Overview of the Initial Scenarios and Contingencies under consideration. The Overview also explains the process by which they were chosen and the others that were considered.

We are posting the Overview for feedback and/or comments. All comments received on or before the date below will be considered by the study team before selecting the final scenarios and contingencies that will be analyzed in the study.

In order to provide sufficient time for consideration of feedback and meet the project deadlines, we ask that you submit any feedback, via email, on or before Monday, November 4, 2013, to Alaine Ginocchio, and Steve Ellenbecker, at WIEB.