June-July 2012

The CREPC/SPSC 4-part webinar series examines California’s RPS and the related transmission planning process. The first webinar by the CA PUC focuses on key provisions in the RPS and the implementation process for investor owned utilities in California. The second webinar by the CAISO explores the CAISO planning process and presents findings of its recent plans. The third webinar by the CEC addresses how the CEC will implement portions of the 33% RPS and its role to oversee publicly owned utilities (POU) programs. The fourth webinar by the CTPG explains the collaborative transmission planning effort of California’s IOUs and POUs and presents findings of the CTPG’s 2011 Statewide Transmission Plan.

California Transmission Planning Group and the 2011 Statewide Transmission Plan July 17, 2012 slides recording
California’s RPS and the Role of the CEC July 12, 2012 slides recording
Transmission to Meet CA’s 33% RPS: The Plans and Process of the California ISO June 19, 2012 slides recording
Key Features and Developments June 6, 2012 slides recording